CBI Pro-Akademia


Fuel cells for innovation


We execute a project within the Applied Research Programme, funded by the National Centre for Research and Development. more

Open Days in RES TTC


The dwellers of Konstantynow Lodzki visited our seat in their town. more

A good Plan is the basis!


We propose the Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the communes which plan ecological development. more

Biomass in the Visegrad Region


On 23rd July the 17th Forum of Bioenergy for the Region Cluster was held. The main theme this time was biomass as an instigator of business development in energy clusters of Visegrad Region. more

National Key Cluster


Bioenergy for the Region Cluster submitted an application for the status of the National Key Cluster. more

Success of Congress Lodzkie of Energy!


The II Congress Lodzkie of Energy has come to an end. It has been an honour to receive our Polish and foreign guests. The diversity of their presentations made guests attend the Congress with interest and pleasure. more
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