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European Committee of the Regions Knowledge Exchange Platform at RIC Pro-Akademia

On 07.07.2017, at our headquarters in Konstantynow Lodzki, we had the pleasure of being the host for the conference:

"RES technologies in the Lodz Region: the role of local and regional authorities and support for research and innovation by the EU "

The conference was co-organized together with the Marshal's Office of the Lodz Region, within the framework of the Knowledge Exchange Platform. In addition to Marshal of Lodz Voivodeship Witold Stepien, we also hosted a group of representatives from European Committee of the Regions and the European Commision: Matthijs Soede – Policy Offcier, DG RTD, Pia Laurila – Policy Officer, DG RTD, Yoomi Renstrom - CoR, Matteo Luigi - CoR and Hicham Imane - CoR.
During this meeting, RIC Pro-Akademia had the opportunity to present the area of ​​its activities and show projects that are currently being carried out and implemented by researchers from our unit, thanks to European Union funds.
Two discussion panels: Renewable energy sources, waste-to-energy and fossil fuels and Renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and the role of local authorities where conducted and reclaimed great enthusiasm and wide participation. Current ecological solutions applied by Lodzkie Region has become an excellent field of discussion, exchange of insights and remarks on the cooperation of Polish local authorities with European Union entities and representatives.
The conference ended with a joint summary and conclusions reached with the help of Brussels experts, which highlighted the importance of good contacts and the ability to communicate between local authorities and EU entities responsible for funding innovative research, as well as the importance of identifying long-term goals in R&D projects.