CBI Pro-Akademia


International Energy Fairs - Kick-off meeting


Representatives of local authorities, enterpreneurships and media gathered at the meeting on the 21st January 2014 which was dedicated to International Energy Fairs planned for June 2014. more

The 2nd Meeting of the Programming Board of “Lodzkie of Energy” Brand


On the 3rd of December 2013 the 2nd Meeting of the Programming Board of “Lodzkie of Energy” Brand took place. The leaders of the region declared their engagement and key responsibilities within the project. more

BIOGAS production from organic waste in the European Food And Beverage industry (FABBIOGAS)


On 17th of October representatives of RIC Pro-Akademia participated in meetting regarding new innovative aproach towards food and beverage industry leftovers management. more

Kick-off meeting for innovative textiles


On 23-27 September 2013 in Mataro met initiating the project "Intelligent Textiles for the region of Lodz" more

Meeting for the Advisory Group Horizon 2020


The inaugural meeting of the Advisory Group works climate change, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials was attended by representatives of the European Commission and 28 EU experts. more

We established The Programme Council for the "Energetic Lodz Region"


RIC Pro-Akademia invited, representatives of the city and the region, and the Technical University of Lodz rectors and representatives of major energy companies to work together to build a brand, " Energetic Lodz Region" more
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