CBI Pro-Akademia


Pro-Akademia is working on the project "High-performance carbonate fuel cells"


"High-performance carbonate fuel cells" is a project implemented by the Warsaw University of Technology (consortium leader) in cooperation with CBI Pro-Akademia, SKA Polska Ltd. and Lodz University of Technology since March 2015. The main goal is to master the technology of the production of carbonate fuel cells by developing new materials and construction solutions.
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) are a technology that in the near future can be used in distributed power systems as an efficient source of electricity. With the increasing demand for electricity, rising costs, and the ever increasing influence of traditional energy technologies on the environment, it is likely to become an alternative source of electricity, allowing its cheaper and cleaner production.
Due to the high efficiency of MCFC cells (up to 85%) and the fact that they generate large amounts of heat during operation, such generators could be important in public and private facilities such as hospitals, prisons, universities, manufacturing plants or hotels, where power stability is more important than cost. With the increase in commercialization of this technology, it is anticipated that the use of MSCF cells will expand into additional zones, including housing estates or suburban areas. In the near future, such cells could become a cheap and widely used source of electricity, such as home mini-power plants.
MCFC are a new technology that is in the design and testing phase. Prior to its introduction, many technical and economic obstacles are still in need to overcome. Nevertheless, their reliable solution and, consequently, the introduction of such cells for regular use will certainly contribute to the increased safety and energy comfort of modern societies.