CBI Pro-Akademia


Photovoltaic solutions for the transport and construction with the financial suport for SMEs

XXII Forum of the Bioenergy for the Region Cluster, "Photovoltaic solutions for the transport and construction with the financial suport for SMEs", 25/01/17, Wednesday, 14.30, CTT RES

We kindly invite you to the XXII Forum of the Bioenergy for the Region Cluster. The the keynotes of the Forum are the photovoltaic solutions for buildings and transport.
In program of the Forum we plan the following presentations:

1. Photovoltaics in Poland, the EU and the world
2. Hybrid RES solutions: PV, solar panels, energy storage
3. Power charging stations with PV for electric cars
4. Photovoltaic roofing and facades
5. Current funding sources: Vouchers for innovation, pro-innovation advisory services and so. called "Fast Path"
6. Good practices of CBI Pro-Academy - our vouchers for innovation for photovoltaics solutions

The aim of the Forum is to build relationships of CBI Pro-Akademia as a scientific institution with companies  in order to create joint research projects, funded within such EU programmes as:
  • the Innovation Voucher: https://poir.parp.gov.pl/bony-na-innowacje- for-msp / sub-heading-2-3-2-vouchers-for-innovation-for-msp
  • Pro-innovation advisory services: https://poir.parp.gov.pl/proinnowacyjne-uslugi-iob-dla-msp/poddzialanie- 2-3-1-pro-innovation-services-IOB-for-msp
  • "Fast Path": http://www.granty-na-badania.com/2015/04/ncbir-szybka-sciezka-projekty-br.html#.WHd6EIWcGUk

We presume that the Forum will take about 2 hours.