CBI Pro-Akademia


Project for Open Innovation


On 18th of October in Poland, Lodz second meeting within the framework of Information Processing in Innovative networks took place. more

Something ends...


On 27th October 2011 final workshop within the framework of Regional Energy Concepts in Baltic Sea Region took place. more

Somethings starts...


Since 26th and 27th of September 2011 a Kick-off meeting within the framework of “Bioenergy for the Region – development of cooperation network between science and economy in the field of renewable energy sources” took place. more

Study tour in Italy


Since 27th of July till 1st of August 2011 study tour to Italy within “Bioenergy for the region – Manager of Renewable Energy” programme took place. more

Bioenergy for the Region – Eco-architecture workshops


From 1st to 3rd of July 2011 workshops within transnational component of the project “Bioenergy for the Region – Manager of Renewable Energy Sources” took place. more

Bioenergy for the Region Cluster at NEUF conference


Poland is attracting more and more investors in the field of green energy. NEUF (New Energy User Friendly) conference was an excellent opportunity to discuss the prospects of Polish energy system development. more
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