CBI Pro-Akademia


XII Bioenergy for the Region Cluster Forum – ESCO


Meeting was adented by Deputy Director of Health Policy Dep UM Magdalena Amrozik, Ms. Joanna Grzywaczewska-Solicitor's Office, directors of hospitals in Lodz as well as company representatives from Eco Ltd., Geo-Kat, Saunopol, Viessmann. From the CBI Pro-Akademia entire project coordinated by Mrs. President Dr. Ewa Kochańska.

The theme of the XII forum was ESCO also known as Energy Saving Company or Energy Service Company, the business model, which was developed in the 70s in the U.S. and its implementation aims to improve energy efficiency. The entire project is funded restructuring of customer savings that will arise as a result of lower electricity bill or heat.

The Director Magdalena Amrozik gave a lecture on pilot projects using renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. She also outlined the development direction of Lodz medical centers in the management of electricity and heat in the following years.

An important occurrence was the presentation of Mrs. Joanna Grzywaczewski, who spoke about the legal requirements to which entities should pay attention when implementing public-private partnerships and investment in ESCO formula.

Companies participating in the forum presented the latest technology that utilizes renewable energy sources and modernize the existing electrical infrastructure and energy, mainly in health institutions across the country.

After the official part, the participants were invited for a meal and to continue bilateral talks