CBI Pro-Akademia


PRESOURCE meeting, this time in Lodz


The meeting was attended by all the partners of the project:

  • Research and Innovation Centre - Pro-Akademia
  • Federal Ministry of the Enviroment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
  • Federal Environment Agency
  • Fraunhofer MOEZ
  • Enviros
  • Stenum
  • ENEA
  • Corvinus University of Budapest

On the first day, participants from all partner countries of the project, presented the report of the interviews - both among the SME sector and financial institutions that support eco-innovation. Conducting the interviews was to confront the needs of companies of potential incentives, problems, instruments, and other factors relating to resource efficiency in the company.

Partner responsible for for a summary of the interviews and preparation of the report was  ENVIROS.

Then all discusses the design of the platform, which is going to be developed within the framework of the project. For this task is responsible BMU (Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany).

Later on discussion regarding proposed of so-called. EDIT value tool, which will help small and medium-sized enterprises to analyze the efficiency of resource use in their own business, then it will also show shows the areas (products, processes, management) which are characterized by a high resource utilization, and propose a possible solution to the problem by reducing the use of specific natural resources, which will thereby to reduce emissions and costs.

The second day ended with a meeting of the monitoring committee draft, which concluded last period of implementation and subsequent planned project activities until the next workshop in Budapest.



Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the framework of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme