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Study visit within the framework of the project of cross-border cooperation


The study visit was attended by representatives of the border areas of Russia and Ukraine. Most of them were representatives of: chambers of commerce, universities and local government. During an eleven day long visit, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with examples of cross-border cooperation between:

  • Poland and German
  • Germany and the Netherlands
  • Belgium and the Netherlands

In each country, meetings were held in Joint Technical Secretariats (JTS), which are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of programs of cooperation between the border areas of neighboring countries.

In addition, participants seen good practices of cooperation projects implemented in different countries. They visited: airport, police station fort and park. In all these places they were shown around by the management of the institution and implementing collaborative projects.

Group also visited the European Parliament, where they had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Minister - Jacek Saryusz-Wolski - Polish MEP. The Minister gave a lecture on trans-regional cooperation in the European Union and relations between the EU and Russia, and Ukraine. Then there was a meeting in Lodz Region Regional Office in Brussels, where presentation of good practices of, cross-border cooperation on the basis of the projects implemented by the regions of the EU partner.

On the penultimate day of their stay in Poland, our guests have the opportunity to visit the Regional Park of Science and Technology. Our host was - CEO Andrzej Styczeń, presented projects and studies carried out in the Lodz Techno-park and showed how it combines science and business spheres. Of particular interest aroused audience research into bio-and nano-technology, which together Lodz techno-park specializes.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited the European Institute in Lodz.

During the visit, the participants were informed about the activities of the European Institute, with particular reference to the Regional Center for International Debates forum and platform for which regional cooperation institutions in the region of Lodz (local government, NGO and others) and their counterparts from the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. In addition, it is indicated on the feasibility of co-operation and exchange of experience in the context of regional policy and policy spójności.Spotkanie led Anna Jedrzejewska - Deputy Director General of the FSE-IE.

On the last day in Warsaw, the group met with representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and representatives of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the CBC Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine. The participants then went to the European Centre Natolin, where he held a lecture on the Eastern Partnership the EU.