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Łukasz Gontar
Łukasz Gontar
Head of Natural Products Laboratory

prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Wolf

Area reasearchEngineering and technology
Scientific area:Engineering and technology
Scientific discipline:chemical engineering
Main affiliation:Lodz University of Technology


He specializes in technologies for protecting the water environment and studies impact of the dislocation of electron density and the stereo-electron effects for the structure of crystals of organic and organometallic compounds. He is the author of nearly sixty scientific publications that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals placed on the Thomson-Reuters' list and more than a hundred presentations at scientific conferences. For more than six years has been involved in the research of pollution of water and soil in the region of Łódź. Co-author two prepared at the request of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection studies devoted to the evaluation of contamination of soil and water of selected counties of the province of Łódź. In 2009 he was invited by the Minister of Science and Higher Education to took a part in the work of 7-person group of experts working within the Interdisciplinary Team of Research Infrastructures and Science Policy of the European Union. One of co-authors developed at the time expertise under the title 'Demand of Polish scientific community for research infrastructure in the next 5-20 years'. In 2008-2012 was vice-rector of the Technical University of Łódź.  He is a member of the Committee of Crystallography Polish Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the European University Foundation Campus Europae based in Luxembourg. Currently he is employed at the Institute of General and Ecological Chemistry Technical University of Łódź.

Expert in projects

Bioenergia dla branży rolno-spożywczej