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Łukasz Gontar
Łukasz Gontar
Head of Natural Products Laboratory

Research infrastructure

The research infrastructure of the Natural Products Laboratory includes equipment for extraction of solid and semi-solid samples under high pressure and high temperature conditions (ASE), spectrophotometric and chromatographic as well as microbiological tests and analyses. In particular, the Laboratory uses, among others, the following apparatus:

1) for processing, prototyping and characterization of natural products, such as biomaterials, food products, drinks, cosmetics, biofuels and raw materials of plant origin:

  • gas chromatograph with GC-MS mass spectroscopy and headspace sampler (Agilent 5977B)
  • liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with RID and DAD detectors (Agilent 1260 Infinity II)
  • beer analyzer (Alcolyzer Beer Anton Paar)
  • lab-scale brewery (10hL two-vessel brewhouse, 5 fermenter tanks with a capacity of 100l each)
  • mineralizer (K-439 Buchi)
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometer (DR 6000)
  • laboratory mill (RETSCH GM 200)
  • sample concentration system (RapidVap Vertex)
  • rotary evaporator (R-100 Buchi)
  • automatic sample extraction apparatus (ASE 350)
  • apparatus for testing water activity (Rotronic HP-23A)
  • multiparametric meter (METTLER TOLEDO)
  • colorimeter (NR110)

2) for microbiological research:

  • automatic colony counter (Interscience Scan 4000 ULTRA)
  • automatic inoculation apparatus (easySpiral Interscience)
  • hypoxic CO2 incubator (NUAIRE 5831E)
  • laminar chamber BSL-2 (Biotectum)
  • gas burners (Fuego basic RF)