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Bioprocess Laboratory

Bioprocess Laboratory is dedicated to development of innovative technologies for obtaining gaseous and liquid fuels from organic materials. The main research area is the production of high-energy biogas from biomaterials of industrial, municipal and agricultural origin and waste materials (especially sewage sludge).

In the Laboratory, there are facilities that allow our researchers to conduct numerous experiments, such as:

  • Treatment of industrial waste water by physico-chemical and biological methods, including coagulation / flocculation, oxidation of wastewater (application of acid), advanced oxidation processes (Fenton reaction, cavitation), aerobic and anaerobic waste water treatment (using enzymatic treatment);
  • Use of microbial fuel cells (MFC) in integrated industrial waste water treatment and other liquid waste streams, with the recovery of biogas and other valuable components and simultaneous energy production. The work also includes material optimization (selection of effective electrode materials, separators and catalysts for bio / electrochemical reactions) as well as the use of AM (Additive Manufacturing) technology for the construction of cells and their components;
  • Modern sewage sludge treatment technologies, including microwave and sono-cavitation);
  • Phosphorus recovery from waste solid fraction derived from thermal processing of biomass (gasification, including supercritical water SCWG);
  • Development of comprehensive technologies of commercial production of recovered biogen products (production of biofertilisers);
  • Assessment of the biogas potential of industrial, urban and agricultural organic precipitation;
  • Modern sewage sludge drainage methods
  • BES (BioElectrochemical Systems) technology in environmental engineering - development and analysis of dedicated bio-refinery concepts for production of energy from renewable sources as well as biosynthesis of useful products;
  • Development and optimisation of pre-treatment technologies for lignocellulosic biomass and organic waste.

The Laboratory offers:

  • quantitative and qualitative assessment of biogas generated from biomass and various types of waste (BMP methanogenic potential assessment);
  • physical and chemical analysis of fermentation liquids and leachate from fermentation process, physio-chemical analysis of wastewater;
  • optimizing the composition of the feedstock for biogas production process (ratios of co-substrates and substrate for inoculum);
  • selection and optimization of waste water treatment technologies;
  • services for the implementation of modern renewable energy technologies for SMEs, including advisory services.
Key words: biogas, gaseous and liquid fuels, physico-chemical analysis, biochemical methanogenic potential