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Microbial fuel cells – minireview of technology and application

Data dodania: 2016-04-02
Typ: Artykuły


Karina Michalska

Karina Michalska

Dziedzina nauk inżynieryjno-technicznych

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Nowadays it can be seen that interest in renewable energy is growing up significantly. Among others we can observe huge development of fuel cells. These devices are used mostly for power production but it is not their only application. There are lots of different types of fuel cells. One of the lasts inventions are microbial fuel cells (MFC), which are based on use of microorganisms. There are lots of research focusing on constructions and application of MFC in different ways.

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Słowa kluczowe: microbial fuel cell, microorganisms, wastewater, membranes, electrodes

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