CBI Pro-Akademia


EcoReadyMasuria: agricultural innovations in Masuria


A new project of RIC Pro-Akademia, EcoReadyMasuria, has been launched to prepare farmers for the challenges of climate change by co-creating and testing new practices and technologies in Masurian agriculture. more

New hydrogen production method presented at National Electronics Conference


At the XXIII National Electronics Conference, Dr. Sergii Bespalko of RIC Pro-Akademia presented the results of our latest research into the simultaneous production of hydrogen and the treatment of crude oil-contaminated water. more

Supporting mechanical industry companies in implementing circular practices


On June 1, 2024, we launched a new project REUSE2030 more

New patent for animal welfare


RIC Pro-Akademia has received a new patent for an innovative bedding material for livestock. Our invention improves animal welfare and reduces the growth of pathogens. more

Acta Innovations achieves exceptional growth in the CiteScore Tracker


CiteScore Tracker for Acta Innovations reached 4.0 in the past month, continuing an impressive upward trend. more
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