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Mapping Working Group Meeting within the Frontsh1p project


On the initiative of RIC Pro-Akademia, a working meeting of the Polish-Portuguese circular mapping group was held. more

City inhabitants will produce food in the corridor of their block?


Replacing food from the supermarket with self-produced vegetables from the corridor of your block - this solution will be investigated with city inhabitants in our Polish-Norwegian project SmartFood. A call for hosts of our Urban Living Lab just started! more

3D printing will help in energy transition


The daily newspaper Puls Biznesu has just published an article on our research on the use of 3D printing in the conversion of carbon dioxide to biofuels. The research is carried out as part of our international Bioelectrocathode project. more

CiteScore™ Tracker calculated for Acta Innovations


We are happy to announce that Scopus has just calculated the first CiteScore™ Tracker score for Acta Innovations, a multidisciplinary journal published by RIC Pro-Akademia. more

Green transformation


A FRONTrunner approach to Systemic circular, Holistic & Inclusive solutions for a new Paradigm of territorial circular economy. more
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