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CiteScore™ Tracker calculated for Acta Innovations


We are happy to announce that Scopus has just calculated the first CiteScore™ Tracker score for Acta Innovations, a multidisciplinary journal published by RIC Pro-Akademia. more

Green transformation


A FRONTrunner approach to Systemic circular, Holistic & Inclusive solutions for a new Paradigm of territorial circular economy. more

New biosensors for improving animal health


Researchers at RIC Pro-Akademia have completed the first round of field research as part of the Biosens4PrecisionMastitis project, which is developing a new technology for the early diagnosis of mastitis. more

Bioplastic as food packaging?


RIC Pro-Akademia is seeking for environmentally friendly food packaging materials. more

Acta Innovations accepted for indexing in Scopus!


Acta Innovations, a scientific journal published by RIC Pro-Akademia, was accepted for indexation in Scopus, one the largest database of peer-reviewed literature in the world, managed by Elsevier. more
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