CBI Pro-Akademia


Mapping Working Group Meeting within the Frontsh1p project


On the initiative of RIC Pro-Akademia, WP2 leader in the Frontsh1p project, a working meeting of the Polish-Portuguese circular mapping group was held in the last days of June in Konstantynow Lodzki and Lodz. Representatives of the University of Lodz, the Lodz University of Technology, the BZURA Intercommunal Union and the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG), project partner from Portugal, with the active participation of the Frontsh1p project leader, K-Flex company, we discussed how to present not only geolocation information but also economic, market and social issues on the regional maps. Particularly valuable was the comparison of the mapping achievements of partners from Poland (the University of Lodz and The Lodzkie Region Center for Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation) and partners from Portugal.