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no. 45

December 2022

Utilization of wrightia tinctoria nano seed fibers as a reinforcement in the preparation of epoxy-based composites

Pages: 5-17

Habibunnisa Syed, Ruben Nerella, Sri Rama chand Madduru, Raja Gopal Reddy S

Intelligent enterprise capital control based on Markov chain

Pages: 18-30

Kateryna Andriushchenko, Anastasiia Liezina, Vitalii Lavruk, Liudmyla Sliusareva, Viktoriia Rudevska

This work was published free of charge as a publisher's support for Ukrainian authors struggling with wartime difficulties caused by Russian aggression against their country

Fiscal decentralization of the Visegrad Group countries as a key factor of development

Pages: 31-44

Andrii Buriachenko, Kateryna Levchenko, Nataliіa Spasiv, Alla Osipova

A review on active techniques in microchannel heat sink for miniaturization problem in electronic industry

Pages: 45-54

Prabhakar Bhandari, Jarnail Singh, Kaushal Kumar, Lalit Ranakoti 

Economic analysis of the construction industry in the Slovak Republic: the path to sustainability

Pages: 55-61

Lukas Kopac, Lars Wester, Robert Niemuth, Lukas Niemuth, Marc Weber

Research of the influence of xanthan gum on rheological properties of dough and quality of bread made from sprouted wheat grain

Pages: 62-71

Olga Samokhvalova, Svitlana Oliinyk, Galyna Stepankova, Olena Shydakova-Kameniuka

An experimental study on the development of multipurpose biomass burner for cooking stove and thermal generator for household application

Pages: 72-81

Budhi Muliawan Suyitno, Ismail, Reza Abdu Rahman 

Thanks to outstanding reviewers for acta innovations in 2022

Page: 82

Rafał Łukasik, Editor-in-Chief