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no. 42

March 2022


Alignment of circular economy business models for framing national sustainable economic development

pages: 5-14

Dzintra Atstaja, Natalija Cudecka-Purina, Raisa Hrinchenko, Viktor Koval, Janis Grasis, Rudite Vesere

Cooling and heating of the fluid in the cylindrical volume

pages: 15-26

Stanislav Tkachenko, Olga Vlasenko, Nataliia Rezydent, Dmytro Stepanov, Nataliia Stepanova

Recent innovations in solar energy education and research towards sustainable energy development

pages: 27-49

Ramalingam Senthil

Government early policy responses on covid-19 challenges in central and eastern europe: SME support

pages: 50-58

Anna Kornyliuk, Alla Ivashchenko, Yevheniia Polishchuk, Oleg Tereshchenko, Serhii Onikiienko

Mechanical properties evaluation of banana fibre reinforced polymer composites: a review

pages: 59-70

Surya P Gairola, Yogesh Tyagi, Nitin Gupta

Sustainability and security of public budget of the visegrad group countries

pages: 71-88

Andrii Buriachenko, Kostyantyn Zakhozhay, Anastasiia Liezina, Volodymyr Lysak