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no. 40

September 2021

Analysis of solar cooker with thermal storage for remote hilly areas: determination of heating and cooling characteristic time

pages: 5-18

Geetanjali Raghav, Pankaj Sharma, Suresh Kumar, Rajesh Maithani, Alexis Iung, Quentin Mercier

Energetic & exergetic analysis of a parabolic trough: concentrated solar power plant

pages: 19-30

Mohit Nagpal, Rajesh Maithani, Suresh Kumar

Strategic responses in corporate tax planning using opportunity areas

pages: 31-43

Mykola Bondar, Oksana Portna, Natalia Iershova

Sustainability assessment of different nanoparticle for heat exchanger applications: an intuitionistic fuzzy combinative distance-based assessment method

pages: 44-63

Sunil Kumar, Sandeep Kumar Gautam, Ankush Kumar, Rajesh Maithan, Anil Kumar

Biomass delignification with green solvents towards lignin valorisation: ionic liquids vs deep eutectic solvents

pages: 64-78

André M. da Costa Lopes

Calculation of sustainable development index in the EU and Ukraine 

Pages: 79-97

Olena Khanova, Igor MatyushenkoEwa Kochańska, Viktoriia Tretyak, Olga Tofaniuk