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Katarzyna Woźniak
Katarzyna Woźniak
Technical Editor


Monika Stojan
Monika Stojan
Technical Editor

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no. 33

October 2019

The assessment of Ukraine's readiness for innovations in the conditions of the spread of technologies of the new industrial revolution

pages: 5-19

Igor Yu. Matyushenko, Nataliia Redko


Analysis of selected risk factors in trade fair decisions of exhibitors

pages: 20-27

Anita Proszowska


Cordunum pistons increase diesel engine economy and reliability

pages: 28-37

Andriy Marchenko, Volodymyr Shpakovskyy, Volodymyr Volikov


Influence of OSH management system on the quality and safety of work

pages: 38-51

Katarzyna Woźniak


Production of agricultural biogas from waste – an element of socially responsible actions in the food sector

pages: 52-62

Natalia Iwaszczuk, Marta Szyba, Aleksander Iwaszczuk, Valentyna Yakubiv 


Environmental risk management in the context of environmental management systems for agriculture based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard

pages: 63-72

Berenika Lewicka, Dagmara Lewicka 


Legal issues of the formation and functioning of the national innovation system in Ukraine

pages: 73-82

Serhii Hlibko  


Identification of external risk factors: on the example of production of fertilisers based on digestate

pages: 83-89

Aleksander Iwaszczuk, Natalia Iwaszczuk, Valentyna Yakubiv


Using alternative sources of methane for energy as a method of environmental protection and improvement of economy condition, on example of Poland

pages: 90-99

Natalia Iwaszczuk, Marta Szyba, Myroslava Mylenka 


Analysis of innovative activities of small and medium-sized enterprises as fundamentals of their sustainable economic development

pages: 100-110

Victoriya Tyshchenko, Julia Kholodna, Alina Krasna 


Spatial forms of organizing innovative infrastructure of Ukraine in terms of sustainable development

pages: 111-129

Volodymyr B. Rodchenko, Ganna P. Rekun, Eugenia S. Naidina, Yuliia I. Prus