CBI Pro-Akademia


Earth Day in the RIC Pro-Akademia


On 21st April 2017 in the RIC Pro-Akademia headquarters the festivities of the Earth Day, celebrated all over the world in the following day, took place. Among its participants were the members of the Acta Innovations journal Scientific Council. more

Acta Innovations supports Ph.D. Students


The editor of the scientific journal Acta Innovations presented the principles of publishing articles by young scientists more

Low Carbon Action Mexico


The representative of CBI Pro-Akademia - the Bioenergy the the Region Cluster managing institution took part in a matchmaking mission to Mexico, dedicated to the reduction of CO2 emission. more

Innovative Energy Solutions for European Regions and Cities


At the invitation of the Marshal's Office, on 24.03.2017 we presented our projects and achievements in scope of innovative energy solutions in Brussels. more

Maria Skłodowska-Curie's Fellow will perform research at RIC Pro-Akademia


Dr. Eng. Lidia Trusilewicz has been awarded a prestigious grant from the European Commission under the action "Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Individual Fellowships", funded by Horizon 2020. more

Photovoltaic solutions for the transport and construction with the financial suport for SMEs


XXII Forum of the Bioenergy for the Region Cluster, "Photovoltaic solutions for the transport and construction with the financial suport for SMEs", 25/01/17, Wednesday, 14.30, CTT RES more
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