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EPCHC - energy performance contracting (EPC) model for historic city centres

Article history: Received 10 September 2022, Received in revised form 14 September 2022, Accepted 13 November 2022, Available online 14 November 2022

pages: 28-40


Primož Medved


The current predominant obstacle for the implementation of energy retrofitting projects at the neighbourhood level  is  attributable  to  restricted  funding  options,  which  is  especially  relevant  for  the expensive  renovation of buildings of cultural heritage importance. The first aim of the article is to articulate and identify the main characteristics which influence the funding processes for energy retrofitting historic urban districts. The second objective  is  to  build  a  comprehensive  approach/procedural  funding  model  based  on  these  identified specifics/characteristics.  The  “energy  performance  contracting  model  for  historical  city  centres”  (EPC HC )   is constructed with procedural processes (steps) associated with the main specific characteristics of urban central districts.  The  principal  attributes  which  define  and  influence  EPC  in  historical  city  centres  are  “district-level retrofitting”, the “multi-stakeholder approach” and “cultural heritage preservation”. First demonstrated are the benefits of the district level EPC’s “economy of scale”. Secondly, city centres are specific neighbourhoods with several  public  (municipal,  governmental)  and  private  entities,  necessitating  a  particular  tailor-made  EPC approach is necessary for each stakeholder. Thirdly, the article focuses on the issue of higher retrofitting costs because as a result of historical building status and finding an optimal solution to overcome the conflict between sustainable renovation and cultural preservation. The procedural model for EPC HC  in historical city centres offers step-by-step  guidelines  with  suggestions  to  be  followed  in  order  to  approach  and  involve  all  the  various stakeholders. EPC HC  could open a new perspective on district green retrofitting and could facilitate municipalities’ decision-making processes upon deciding to retrofit historical central districts. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.47.3


EPC; energy performance contracting; historical city centres; multi-stakeholders; cultural heritage preservation; district energy retrofitting; procedural funding model