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Evaluation of design and insertion analysis of a conical shaped polymeric based microneedle for transdermal drug delivery applications

Article history: Received 1 September 2022, Received in revised form 6 October 2022, Accepted 10 October 2022, Available online 10 October 2022

pages: 53-64


Aswani Kumar Gera, Rajesh Kumar Burra


Transportation of drug through parental routes are conventionally followed through hypodermic injection methods, where hypodermic injections are administered into the human skin for drug release. However, there are some issues observed when these hypodermic needles are being used, there are instances where the needle is being inserted leaves some needle fractures in the skin. To cater to the issue scientific researchers are voraciously working on designing and developing polymeric type of microneedle structures for various medical diagnostic applications for glucose monitoring, drug delivery, and other applications. This article presents the structural design of a conicalshaped polymeric microneedle and the insertion force while being pierced into the skin. Simulations at different insertion angles on microneedle are analyzed by arriving with total needle displacements in the process of insertion. The von mises stress is also analyzed with applied force at different insertion angles resulted in incremental change in stress exerted by the microneedle. The resultant stress is below the yield stress which makes the microneedle pierce into the skin without breakage.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.46.4


eco-friendly polymers; drug delivery; micro needle; transdermal drug delivery