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The critical trait of digital entrepreneur: mixed methods research 

Article history: Received 25 July 2022, Received in revised form 25 July 2022, Accepted 12 August 2022, Available online 12 August 2022

pages: 5-17


Li-Min Chuang, Yu-Po Lee, Yu-Ju Chang


Pioneers of the digital era have invented a different business model and expanded the existence of the digital economy, and the digital entrepreneurship is the beginning of this digital revolution. To explore the key characteristics of digital entrepreneurs, this study is divided into two stages. The first stage conducted a literature review and case study to construct the characteristic elements of the entrepreneurship into a model of digital entrepreneurs. In the second stage, the relative weights of the key characteristics of digital entrepreneurs are understood through an analysis of the AHP questionnaire results. The results show that autonomy and selfdiscipline are keys among the main dimensions of the key characteristics of digital entrepreneurs' entrepreneurship; the secondary dimension of "action power" is key in the main dimension of "autonomy and self-discipline"; the secondary dimension of "business networks" is key in the main dimension of "social capital"; the secondary dimension of "insight" is key in the main dimension of "innovation and breakthrough"; the secondary dimension of "communication ability" is key in the main dimension of "leadership communication".

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.46.1


digital entrepreneurship; digital economy; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurs; analytic hierarchy process (AHP)