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An experimental study on the development of multipurpose biomass burner for cooking stove and thermal generator for household application

Article history: Received 30 October 2022, Received in revised form 7 December 2022, Accepted 17 December 2022, Available online 20 December 2022 

pages:  72-81


Budhi Muliawan Suyitno, Ismail, Reza Abdu Rahman 


The present study proposes a novel concept of a solid biomass burner for household applications. The designed biomass stove is a multipurpose burner that can be used as a cooking stove and thermal generator. It works as a basic model of a biomass cooking stove and is coupled with a coil heat exchanger for thermal generation. The  experimental  evaluation  is  conducted  by  using  the  time-to-boil  (TTB)  method  to  measure  the  effective energy that can be harnessed from the combustion process. It shows that the maximum temperature outlet from the coil heat exchanger is 62.2 °C. The effective energy uptake for the coil heat exchanger is 41.9%, whereas the overall energy uptake, including the kettle, is obtained by more than 50%. Therefore, the proposed model can improve the efficiency of solid biomass burners for household ware.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.45.7


alternative energy; biomass; burner; coil heat exchanger; cooking stove