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Risk in the scope of research and innovative technological projects

Date added: 2020-03-18

Pages: 58-67


Maria Richert, Rafał Hubicki, Piotr Łebkowski, Joanna Kulczycka, Asja Mrotzek-Bloess


Assessment and management of risk constitute the subject of many researches. Nevertheless, many more specific factors are applicable during the implementation of innovative technological projects. On the article identified risk factors, which have been supplemented, systematized and assigned to the individual risk categories. The risk assessment methods for R&D projects have been analysed, as well as the risk sheets have been developed for the R&D project through the use of dotProject application. Also shown that networking and clustering is a change for fruitful cooperation within difference EU projects, which create trust between business and sciences and reduce the risk.



risk management, technological projects, innovations, research and development, cooperation