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Status of farmers' garlic market channel choices in response to garlic value chain in libokemkem district, South Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Article history: Received 3 May 2022, Received in revised form 12 May 2022, Accepted 4 July 2022, Available online 4 July 2022

Pages 77-90


Gedefaw Kindu Wubet, Mengistu Negussie Amare, Getachew Chanie


This research was conducted to identify the key market outlets and their determinants. Primary data was collected from 400 garlic producers, 37 traders, and 12 consumers. Collectors, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers’ marketing channels were identified. Of these, wholesalers were the preferred market channel by 93.75% of garlic producers. The results from a multivariate probit model showed that lagged price, experience, quantity produced, land allotted, education, sex, oxen, and market information influence garlic producers' market outlet choice decisions. The study suggested that garlic producers need to be supported to select the right market-place for maximizing their farm profit.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.44.6


district; garlic; households; marketing channels; multivariate probit model