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Assessment of investment and innovation image of the regions of Ukraine in terms of sustainable transformations 

Article history: Received 25 March 2022, Received in revised form 17 April 2022, Accepted 23 April 2022, Available online 4 May 2022

Pages: 63-77


Iryna BashynskaGanna SmokvinaLarisa YaremkoYuliya LemkoTetiana OvcharenkoSuhang Zhang 


The article examines the existing methods of assessing the innovation and investment image of the region and proposes an author's methodology that considers the development of the region's production and infrastructure to form a strategic policy to create and apply innovation and economic potential of the region. The research hypothesis is based on the use of the method of distance from the standard, allowing to obtain relatively objective and fair assessments of the innovation and investment image of the region, considering the leading indicators of enterprises, ensuring their differentiation by industry. Enterprises, industries, and regions in the top rankings are considered more attractive to investors in terms of innovation, economic and social development. To confirm the hypothesis, the method of assessing the innovation and investment image of the regions was considered, which begins with an empirical, theoretical study and ends with the practicality of use. A method for determining the rating of business activity of innovation-active and investment-attractive enterprises considering their territorial and sectoral affiliation has been developed. The study has a significant economic and regional impact: using this method of assessing the innovation and investment image of the regions allows investors to evaluate and select the region in which the investment proposal will consider the features and priorities of economic development of the region and industry trends.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.43.6


industrial development; investment and innovation image; modelling; region; strategic planning; sustainable transformation