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Method for producing fruit paste using innovative equipment

Article history: Received 25 February 2021, Received in revised form 2 April 2021, Accepted 3 April 2021, Available online 3 April 2021

Pages: 15-21


Valeriy Mykhailov, Andrii Zahorulko, Aleksey Zagorulko, Bogdan Liashenko, Svеtlana Dudnyk


A method for the production of multicomponent fruit and vegetable paste has been developed. All components were selected considering the content of physiologically functional ingredients. The method is distinguished using the developed innovative equipment: a multifunctional apparatus for the implementation of preliminary heat treatment of raw materials; rotary film evaporator for concentrating puree. The developed devices are distinguished by increased resource efficiency due to heating with a low-temperature film electric heater with a temperature regime in the range of 45-70 °C. The study of structural and mechanical parameters and organoleptic evaluation of the prototypes allowed to reveal the rational content of raw materials in the developed paste: apples – 30%; viburnum – 20%; black chokeberry – 20%; pumpkins – 20%, beets – 10%.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.32933/ActaInnovations.39.2


fruit and vegetable paste, structural and mechanical characteristics, semi-finished product, concentration