CBI Pro-Akademia

dr hab. inż. Maciej Sibiński

Area reasearchEngineering and technology
Scientific area:Engineering and technology
Main affiliation:Lodz University of Technology


Between 1997 and 1999 in the TEMPUS programme prof. Sibiński participated in technological internship in Technische Universitat Berlin, IRC in Ispra and State University of Gent in Belgium, as well as in numerous domestic centres. In 1999 he spent half year at the diploma internship at the University of Gent and defended a master thesis called \"Cadmium telluride solar cells\". In 2008, after defending a doctoral thesis titled \"Cadmium telluride-based solar cells\" he took a position of the Assistant Professor at the Chair of Semiconductors and Optoelectronic Devices at Technical University of Lodz. His research involves a wide thematic scope connected with the optimisation of structure and fabrication technology of semiconductor devices, especially of solar cells. His main object of interest are thin-film heterojunction polycrystalline solar cells, whose design enables both decreasing the production costs of the solar modules, as well as its optimisation to use non-typical, alternative bedding materials.

Expert in projects

Opracowanie wstępnych założeń koncepcyjnych dla budynku pasywnego przeznaczonego na nową siedzibę WFOŚiGW w Łodzi

Bioenergia dla branży rolno-spożywczej

Zintegrowany Program Modernizacji Branży Tekstylnej i Odzieżowej Województwa Łódzkiego