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Modular interface for combined differential scanning calorimetry and microscope analyses

Start date:2017-06-15
Completion date:2018-01-14
Project status:finished
Aim of the project:To develop a modular interface for simultaneous differential scanning calorimetry and microscopic analysis, customizable by their users.

About the project

The initial design phase will include the development of a physical prototype interface, the implementation of image recording functionality during DSC differential scanning calorimetry, the implementation of quality registration parameters and the addition of other parameters from additional, customizable ports. It will also be necessary to solve the problem of connecting a hardware microscope with a DSC analyzer.

The project is financed by European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Program, Measure 2.3.2 Vouchers for innovations for SMEs.

The experts

Iwona Adamkiewicz

Iwona Adamkiewicz

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