CBI Pro-Akademia


We strengthen nZEB industry


On February 1, 2020, we started the implementation of the SMART4NZEB project: Strengthening cluster management and internationalization for the implementation of nearly zero-energy buildings. The main project objective is to increase knowledge about how clusters from nearly zero-energy building (nZEB) industry operate, and thus to improve their competitiveness and support small and medium-sized enterprises from construction, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources industries. An important part of the project will be strengthening capacity-building of five representative clusters as drivers of innovation in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) and facilitating transnational exchanges and strategic partnerships with a focus on sharing experience between different practices, skills gaps, policies, target goals and level of engagement related to nearly nZEB.

Within the project, RIC Pro-Akademia will develop a development and innovation strategy for the Bioenergy for the Region cluster, organise workshops for cluster members on the development of innovative products for the nZEB market, and organize study visits for cluster members to Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.