CBI Pro-Akademia


We established The Programme Council for the "Energetic Lodz Region"


Program Council is an advisory body for the project Energetic Lodz Region, implemented under the Regional Operational Programme for the Lodz Region for 2007-2013 , Priority Axis III , action III.2. The most prestigious event in the project will be international congresses : " Energetic Lodz Region 2014 " and " Energetic Lodz Region 2015 ", with the participation of world-renowned experts from the United States, China , India and the European Union , representatives of local governments , researchers, students and entrepreneurs and farmers , allowing to build long-term relationships in the economic development of the Lodz Region in the area of ​​energy.

Chairman of the Programme was the Lord Marshal of Lodz Witold Stepien , and the Secretary - President RIC Pro-Akademia Ewa Kochańska .