CBI Pro-Akademia


We bring contribution to the design of the Horizon 2020 program for years 2016-2020.


During the last meeting in Brussels, Ewa Kochanska PhD, who works in the " Systemic Eco - Innovation " made the following proposals , as research and implementation challenges for the European Union :

  • Develop and implement the practice of socio - economic methodology for calculating the cost of eco - innovation , based on LCA and " carbon footprint " , including - calculating the actual cost of energy produced from different raw materials and based on different technologies ;
  • Develop requirements for eco-innovative projects that showed up multispectral and multidisciplinary and contribute to solving the fundamental problems of the EU, such as an aging population , economic slowdown etc. ;
  • Focusing attention on young scientists and countries outside the EU , as the most promising and dynamic sources of innovation
  • Based on the financing of projects and activities of eco- innovation on a variety of funding sources , especially commercial ;
  • Developing new mechanisms to enable large enterprises in the system of eco - innovation and incentives to build networks with the SME sector , R & D and local government. Engaging potential financial , logistical and intellectual projects of eco- innovation projects .