CBI Pro-Akademia


Towards zero-energy schools


In Central Europe large parts of the existing building stock were built before 1970 and as a result, performance is not in line with required energy efficiency standards. Renovation of buildings emerges as an urgent issue but while incentives are provided to private investors, public building renovation is more difficult as local authorities face significant limitations of budget. Another barrier is the lack of knowledge of performance/cost characteristics for efficient renovation of buildings. 

The FEEDSCHOOLS project aims to provide local authorities with new solutions, both technical and financial, which will help them to implement ‘nearly Zero Energy Building’ (nZEB) renovation activities in schools. The innovative approach consists in developing a transnational and holistic support toolkit and a web database of innovative best practices for nZEB renovation. FEEDSCHOOLS will also provide open lessons focused on behavioural change in schools. At least 48 energy audits will be implemented and preliminary plans for nZEB renovation of existing schools will become a reference models for the region.

The first partner meeting of FEEDSCHOOLS project took place in Bologna (Italy) on 24-25 October 2017. The meeting was an opportunity to get to know the project partners, including their previous experiences and expectations, to set up cooperation arrangements and to discuss a detailed action plan for the first phase of the project. RIC Pro-Akademia’s representatives presented details of the workpackage coordinated by RIC, which focuses on conducting pilot activities in 48 schools in six countries.

FEEDSCHOOLS project is co-financed by the European Union through the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2014-2020 programme under the European Regional Development Fund.

Further information will follow on the project website.