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On 26/03/2020, another meeting of the Scientific Board and Editorial Board of the Acta Innovations journal, published by RIC Pro-Akademia since 2011, took place - this time online, due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The following scientists from Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico and Poland participate in the Board:

  • Dr. Sergii Bespalko, Ukraine
  • Dr. Hugo Gamez Cuatzin, Mexico
  • Dr. hab. Joanna Kulczycka, prof. AGH, Poland
  • Prof. Gerasimos Lyberatos, Greece
  • Dr hab. Eng. Maciej Sibiński, prof. PŁ, Poland
  • Prof. István Pócsi, Hungary
  • Prof. Volodymyr Rodchenko, Ukraine
  • Dr. Ozgur Seydibeyoglu, Turkey
  • Dr. hab. Eng. Justyna Woźniak, Poland
  • Dr. Volodymyr Volikov, Ukraine

During the meeting, a new stage in the magazine's development was discussed, aimed at narrowing the thematic scope of published articles and thus the journal specialization. Acta Innovations will only publish peer-reviewed original research papers on energy, food technology, environmental engineering and economics, including a clear indication of the impact of innovation on the economy, the environment, society, politics and regional development.

The Scientific Council elected a new chairman, Dr. hab. Eng. Maciej Sibiński, Prof. TUL. An update of the Council Regulations was also adopted. Editor-in-Chief of Acta Innovations, Dr. Rafał Łukasik discussed the state of preparation of the magazine for indexation in the Scopus database and others.

The first issue of the magazine in the new version is now available - we invite you to read the articles, available as always in Open Access on the publisher's website. We also invite you to send manuscripts for consideration in our upcoming issues!