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Study visit in Leipzig


From 23rd to 26th February 2014 RIC Pro-Akademia experts and enterpreneurs from Lodzkie Region took part in study visit in Leipzig, where they had a chance to get to know best practices in managing manufacturing waste in agro-food industry.
The aim of study visit was diagnosis and analysis of best practices in Germany. The study visit was concentrated on management of manufacturing waste in German agro-food industry. The participants represented various profiles of entrepreneurs from Lodzkie Region.
They met experts from German Centre for Biomass Research, where they had a chance to see pilot biogas installation. They visited also laboratory for biomass research and biogas plant where corn silage was used for energy production. The excess of heat, produced during the process, was used for breeding the African catfish.
In the forthcoming day the participants got to know functioning of 10 hectars restored dump. Enterpreneurs visited biogas plant in Bad Durrenberg, in which chicken excrements and C.A.R.E. Gmbh in which slaughter wastes were used to produce energy. The members of study visit visited also the areas covered with photovoltaic panels. The crucial element of a visit was presentation of waste usage in German industry, high hygiene related to waste management and financial contribution in biogas plant creation.