CBI Pro-Akademia


Study tour in Italy


International partner of the project was KEO company, which specializes in realization of pro ecological projects, especially in implementation and preparation of complex solutions in the scope of passive construction.

Am of this study tour was to widen horizons and to acquire new practical knowledge in the field of innovative solutions for ecologically friendly architecture used in Italy by project participants.

Wide range of tour’s programme allowed participants to visit Scientific-Technological Park in Turin where various technological solutions were presented. They were also able to listen to lecture given by prof. Luighi Bistagino from Architecture division of Technical University of Turin.

Moreover participants interested in harnessing solar energy had unique occasion to visit fotovoltaic village in Allessandria and familiarize themselves with process of solar panels production in Tekno Energy Ltd., which is worldwide, manufacturer and distributor of solar systems.

Whole tour was crowned by visitation in bio-gasworks station in Cavallarmaggiore that is powered by agricultural leftovers and visit in Paralup buildings that are good example of innovative technology implementation in order to keep cultural and historical values with simultaneous increase in living standards.