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RURBAN Energy - We examine regional value chains in conjunction with renewable energy sources and the energy efficiency


The main objective of the project is to examine regional value chains of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The project aims to explore partnerships between cities and regions in order to identify the most important factors contributing to the success of their development and implementation. The project provides for the preparation of feasibility studies and made publication on the website of the project.

During the workshop in Leipzig participants focused on the preparation for the continuation of the project, this time under the Intelligent Energy Europe. It is a program that focuses on the removal of technical barriers and stimulates the development of the energy market in the European Union.

In the preparation of the application nine partners are involved they are from Germany, Norway, Lithuania, Polish and regional Partner - Croatia and Italy. Each of the partners will include the management of individual work packages, which in total will be the ninth Prepared a project involves a component ALTENER - promotion of new and renewable energy sources for centralized and decentralized production of electricity, heat and cooling and thus supporting the diversification of energy sources. Planned date of submission of applications is May 2013.