CBI Pro-Akademia


Revolutionary ideas in the world of the circular economy: Circular Week 2023


As part of Circular Week 2023, CBI Pro-Academia and UŁ jointly presented the achieved results of the Frontsh1p project. During the meeting, we discussed an innovative approach to transitioning from a linear economy to a closed-loop model. Dr. Justyna Trippner-Hrabi introduced the CircuPuncture Model, which describes the concept of developing a closed-loop economy in specific areas, particularly where significant market imperfections have been identified.

Dr. Ewa Kochańska discussed the concept of the 'Twilight of Traditional Innovation & Circularity Brokerage'. According to this concept, the functions of circularity brokerage are assumed by an interface, supported by its loyal, devoted watchdog, i.e. a set of ICT tools used for searching, processing, and delivering information tailored to specific stakeholders' needs, precisely at the moment when they need it to implement the principles of a circular economy into practice.