CBI Pro-Akademia


PreSource Workshops in Prague


Research and Innovation Centre Pro – Akademia took part in yet anotherTraining Workshop on EDIT Value Tool for Promotion of Resource Efficiency in SMEs in Central Europe project. The event took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from the 5th to 7th February 2014.

The goal of the workshop is to provide interactive training in the EDIT tool methodology so that the training participants are able to implement it within the pilot SMEs. During the workshop virtual SME case for analysis was provided, an overview of its products and processes, systems, strategies and stakeholders. The participants were working on an overview of EDIT TOOL methodology and development of the Final Report from EDIT TOOL. The fruit of the labour was and Action Plan for the next steps for pilot implementation of EDIT in SMEs. Partners from 5 Member Countries participated in the workshop – Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Poland. The representatives of Pro – Akademia took an active part in the meeting and made several proposals of amendments to the EDIT TOOL, which were implemented.

The next workshops will take place in forthcoming months.