CBI Pro-Akademia


Polish-Norwegian collaboration for urban agriculture


On 19-21 April 2023 RIC Pro-Akademia hosted a meeting of SmartFood project, which is led by RIC Pro-Akademia. Partners from Poland and Norway met at RIC Pro-Akademia’s headquarters to discuss how plants in SmartFood Cabins are growing, the results of research done so far, and the status of preparations for our Urban Living Lab that is starting soon.

Intensive preparations are currently underway to start research at the "SmartFood Urban Living Lab". A team of scientists and engineers will install 20 SmartFood Cabins in the common areas of the block for individual cultivation of food plants. There will also be two installations shared by the residents: for energy and water, which will enable solar energy and rainwater to be collected onsite. Therefore, the crops will be genuinely organic. 20 families participanting in the project will have the opportunity to produce lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables themselves. They will also get access to the SmartFood mobile app, thanks to which they will not only see the parameters of their cultivation, but also receive healthy food-related suggestions.

Visit a project webiste and a Facebook profile to get the latest news about the project. 


Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe

SmartFood has received funding from the Norway Grants 2014-2021 and the state budget of Poland via the National Centre for Research and Development within "Applied Research" Programme. The project benefits from a € M 1.275 grant from Norway as well as a € M 0.225 grant from the state budget of Poland. The total project value is € M 1.5. The aim of the project is to provide a novel evidence-based socio-technological framework of sustainable food production and consumption towards the sustainable smart city of the future.