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Oxford Debate of young scientists


Student Scientific with the Technical University of Lodz and Warsaw University of Technology have taken the debate over whether engineers should rule the world. Representatives of two strong academic centers discussed in an interesting formula Oxford debate.

The whole event looked at the students and the jury which comprised: prof. George Gębicki, prof. Mark Head, prof. Wojciech Wolf, Dr. Margaret Szczesio, who represented the Technical University of Lodz, Assoc. Eng. Wojciech Bujalski Warsaw University of Technology, Ms. Pelka-editor Catherine Wolsztajn of Polish Television and Dr. Ewa Kochanska - President of the Center for Research and Innovation Pro-Academy.

This time, representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology won, but the difference only 0.12% of the points. The best speaker of the debate was Mr. Bernard Swoczyna of PW. Congratulations to all the participants in the debate.