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New international project


The overall objective of CO2URIER project is to yield concrete sustainability improvements in the courier service industry by creating more environmentally-friendly services. The project aims to contribute to the development of bottom-up actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by developing sustainable Polish-German business model that takes into account the offset of CO2 and new enironmental-friendly services. Project activities include a detailed analysis of corporate and product carbon footprints, empirical experiments aimed at developing effective tools for increasing the demand for ecological courier services, as well as an internalisation of external costs of all services provided by the company. After testing the effectiveness of the business model developed in the Polish company Quriers, it will be developed a plan of the implementation of the buisness model in other courier companies in Poland and Germany, which can help to reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 500 000 tonnes per year by 2020.

"CO2URIER - Carbon Neutral Courier Services"  project has received funding from Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) and German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 


Key words: co2, emission, zero-emission, courier, offset, polish-german, carbon neutral