CBI Pro-Akademia


Manager's Academy Horizon Europe


On September 21st, RIC Pro-Academia, together with the Center for Promotion and Development of Civil Initiatives (OPUS) - partners of the Frontsh1p project, had the opportunity to present their experiences related to the Project. The main theme of the meeting was the identification of entities that can participate in Horizon Europe projects. RIC Pro-Academia shared experiences related to participation in an international project with a highly diverse consortium. OPUS presented the path that an NGO (non governmental organization) had to go through to be part of the project, as well as the challenges and benefits of participating in the Frontsh1p project.

The second edition of the Horizon Europe Project Manager Academy is currently underway (20th September to 23rd November 2023). It is organized by the National Contact Point for EU Research Programs at the National Center for Research and Development in collaboration with the network of Horizontal Contact Points.

We are proud to highlight the fact that the audience consisted of 548 people, with an average participation time of 2 hours and 4 minutes, while the entire event lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes.