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Lodz full of energy

The congress was a chance to commerce the discussion on the potential of the region Lodz region , that is both conventional and dispersed. The guests that took part in the congress were, inter alia, from Poland, Great Britain , Ukraine, Arnenia, Germany and Spain. The international aspect of this event allowed to establidh a dialogue and the exchange of experience in terms of building energy policy in the regional, national or even european scale.

The Congress was inaugurated by a member of the board of Lodz region, Mr Marcin Bugajski, who emphasised the fact tere is no region that is more energetic than Lodz region.

In the further part of the Congress, the following guests gave their speech:
  • Marek Cieślak - City of Lodz Office
  • Prof. zw. dr hab Antoni Różalski – University of Lodz
  • Prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr Kula – Lodz University of Technology
  • Dr Lucyna Woźniak – Medical University of Lodz
  • Robert Imbor - PGE

which concerned different aspects and possibilities of the energy production’s development at the region al level.

The next on the agenda were expert debates between representatives of businesses, local governments, academics and NGOs with media. This was a chance to exchange the experience or to learn about the Best practices in terms of transition to a low carbon economy and increase of energy efficiency.

In the last part of the congress, the younger generation had a chance to prezent their arguments whether the conventional energy production and Renewable energy may coexist.

In coming days, the congress’ participants will have the opportunity to visit the energy centers of Lodz region – Belchatow, Uniejow, Lodz, Poddebice and Rawa Mazowiecka, and be a part of Lodz Energy Fair which will Begin on Friday.