CBI Pro-Akademia


Innovative solution for Daszyna municipality


The contract was signed in the presence of the Polish Minister of Environment Mr. Martin Korolec and German Environment Minister Mr Peter Altmaier, it refferes to the financing of the construction of a hybrid power plant, fueled with biomass.

The initiators and originators of the of power plant's idea were experts of CBI Pro-Academy, and the preparation of the concept, design and the proposal was handled by broad, interdisciplinary team, composed of researchers and practitioners from both Poland and Germany.

Work on the Project was conducted in scope of the Bioenergy for the Region - Integrated PhD Development Programme.

Young scientists from the Technical University of Lodz and Lodz University were supported by experts from the University of Kassel and practitioners from the German energy company Engineering Seeger.

On behalf of the mayor of the commune Daszyna Mr. Zbigniew Wojtery we would like to congratulate and thank all those who contributed in to this spectacular success, which with no doubt is the grant, especially : Dr. Gabriele Gorzka, with OWWZ and Mr. Thomas Krause, Engineering Seeger and Professor Wladyslaw Kryłłowicz from Technical University of Lodz.