CBI Pro-Akademia


How new societal trends impact energy demand?


The digitalisation of the economy and of private lives, Circular Economy and Low-carbon industry, Shared Economy are part of the new societal trends that changes everybody’s life and impact energy consumption patterns. They potentially may increase, decrease or shift energy consumption. In our new H2020 project NEWTREDNS we will investigate these trends in the context of energy demand modelling and enhance well-established models that are currently used for projecting the EU energy demand (INVERT/EE-Lab, FORECAST, PRIMES, GEM-E3(-FIT)).

During the virtual kick-off meeting on 8-9 September 2020 we discussed the project objectives and workplan for the first phase of the project. RIC Pro-Akademia presented an approach that we want to apply in the workpackage that we coordinate on policy needs and policy analysis for influencing energy demand arising from new societal trends.

NEWTRENDS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 893311.

Key words: h2020, horizon2020, energy modelling, newtrends