CBI Pro-Akademia


For the sake of agriculture development, food security and climate


On the 6th to 8th of November the End-Term Meeting of the first Facce Surplus call took place in Düsseldorf. Facce Surplus is a ERA-NET cofund within the framework of JPI Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (Facce-JPI). This was also the Kick-Off Meeting for the projects of the second call, where RIC Pro-Akademia realizes the “Supervalue” project that deals with the utilization of wet residues by means of a small-scale biorefinery based on the supercritical water gasification. RIC was represented by Marcin Siedlecki.


The results of the 14 projects from the first call were presented on the four plenary sessions. These projects focused mainly on the production and transformation of biomass. Project partners from Poland participated in 7 projects, in one of them being the coordinator.


One day of the meeting was dedicated to the visit to Forschungzentrum Jülich, a research institute involved mainly in the research on energy, information processing systems and bioeconomy. The research of the IBG-2 group (plant science) was presented extensively: from the investigation of the root growth to aerial crop diagnostics and the simulations of the influence of the geological profile of the field on the crop yield.